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Monthly Archives: January 2019

  • White Subway Tile Revitalizes New York Subway Station

    Hidden in plain sight at the New York MTA 72nd Street subway station is Heritage Tile’s latest historic preservation project. The MTA used our directional tiles and white subway tile to replace the cracked tiles covering the walls of the station. The new tiles are exact replicas that match the color and patina of the existing 90-year-old tile, so you can’t even tell that they’re there. However, with historic preservation, blending in is the point. You want improvements that seamlessly flow into the original look and feel of the space, and MTA’s skillful use of our tiles does just that. Next to Heritage Tile’s revitalizations efforts is a much more noticeable addition to the subway station: A new 973 square...
  • More Than Just A Surface: Marble Mosaic Tile at Intersect By Lexus

    In 2018 Lexus chose to use Heritage Tile's marble mosaic tiles for the floors of the newest Intersect by Lexus location in New York. They selected a range of the tiles in a monochrome palette to use for a variety of purposes. The New York establishment is the third Intersect by Lexus location that Heritage Tile has provided tile for. Our tile works with the many elements of Wonderwall designer Masamichi Katayama’s design to create a sense of omotenashi, the Japanese cultural practice of entertaining guests wholeheartedly. Lexus used our tile to create a unique textural experience throughout the three floors of the building. Our sleek black and white hex marble mosaic tiles cover the floor of the first floor café area, entryway...

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