Aesthetic Curation: Art Nouveau Series

by | Jul 14, 2020

The Art Nouveau series is not for the faint of heart. These bold tiles are created from the color palette and glossy finish historically used in the Paris Metro stations. This intense and exciting series is perfect for those looking for a daring and classic addition to their homes.

Producing a vintage Parisian style from the Art Nouveau period is made easy with this series. The traditional tile pattern is composed of three-inch by six-inch beveled edge field tiles. An offset pattern paired with the vivid glazes of this series creates strikingly beautiful looks.

Glazes with this kind of sheen in courageous colors strike new life within a traditional style. The Art Nouveau palette carries well into a more modern design style by capitalizing on the elegance of high gloss glazes. These eye-catching glazes feel regal and intentional in modern spaces while keeping the historically significant Parisian style alive in Art Nouveau homes.

A classic example of beveled, gloss white Art Nouveau tile is at the Regatta Inn hotel in Brisbane, Australia. This clean example of the Art Nouveau collection utilizes the beveled edges around the hotel bar. In this simple, gloss color the bevel feels youthful and striking while remaining authentically understated.

Our Art Nouveau series takes bold to a whole new level. While the glazes come in more muted colors like Gloss White and Leather, the high gloss finish adds drama and class to both bright and muted colors.

Embracing the boldness of the Art Nouveau styles and colors ensures that the time period lives on through design and encapsulates the infinite elegance of Parisian style. Looking for a different time period style? Check out the rest of our Aesthetic Curation Series to modernize traditional designs.

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