Aesthetic Curation: Atomic Series

by | Jul 15, 2020

To add a youthful exuberance to any space, explore the Atomic Subway Tile Collection. This high energy relief tile and color palette transforms the original subway tile into a mid-century modern masterpiece.

The Atomic Subway Tile Collection extends our timeline to the mid-century modern period in American architectural design. The collection pays homage to the exuberance of notable American designers with a color palette inspired by the bright hues of 1950’s Fiestaware and the softer shades of Formica Boomerang countertops. 

With exuberant colors like Satin Mango and the classic Satin Atomic red, this collection easily brightens up a space with one accent wall. This youthful color palette is finished by a  low-luster satin gloss that delivers a surface with character and energy. 

Spanning approximately 1940 to 1970, the mid-century modern movement was a forward-looking style advocating simple patterns, clean lines, and the usage of readily available materials. Interior design elements were often simple in form with bold colors and patterns inspired by the space age era. In the same manner that subway tile has endured the test of time in NYC’s subway stations, the Hex Flat and Hex Dome tiles found in San Francisco’s BART stations continue to prevail.

The Atomic collection is installed in the authentic straight set pattern using four inch square tiles. Delivering on the historically authentic mid-century modern time period while still updating the sheen and look of these tiles creates a timeless design style. The relief shapes in this tile are made in sphere, diamond, and star reproductions of the traditional pomona tile. Modeled off the mid-century designs of Saul Bass, these tiles are both authentic to the mid-century modern design and updated to create timeless spaces in the modern era. 

This exuberant color palette paired with the interesting relief style of the mid-century era creates a bright authentic look in any space. To read about our other Subway Ceramics collections visit the rest of our Aesthetic Curation series. 

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