Aesthetic Curation: Bungalow Series

by | Jul 15, 2020

Bungalow tile is the light-hearted, fun-loving friend of Subway tile and it shows in design. Offering a creative feel to design is what Bungalow tile does best. Our Bungalow series is the epitome of soft coziness steeped in the authentic tradition of the Arts & Crafts era.
Our Bungalow series offers traditional looks and styles from the original era of the American bungalow homes. With the classic tile created in four and a quarter inch squares placed in a straight set pattern, we like to honor that tradition by reproducing a classic Bungalow style design with mouldings, accent liners, trim pieces, and a historic field tile composition.
The Bungalow tile series offers soothing colors that make spaces like bathrooms and entryways feel light and open. With glaze colors like Seafoam, Tea Rose, and Sunbeam, the series stands by its roots of the archetypal Arts & Crafts palette. These glaze colors were inspired by ceramics and china ware from that era that we found at flea markets. Using these colors as a sample, a soft, satin finish is applied in the glaze to bring the Bungalow series into the present day with a sleek, vintage feeling. Incorporating these elements into our Bungalow series makes restoring your American bungalow home, or creating a space that feels rooted in that era, effortless and authentic.
One of the most intricate pieces to our Bungalow series is our Polychrome tiles. These are specifically and specially designed creative tiles to embody the era and act as finishing touches to our collection. These Polychrome pieces add character and confidence to spaces which effectively creates authenticity. The Polychrome tiles are glazed in similar and complementary colors to the collection which both make a statement and blend seamlessly into the design of the entire Bungalow series.
Reproducing authentic Bungalow style tile aesthetics is important to us. We strive to preserve the design of the bungalows from our past while updating glazes, finishes, and tile layouts to bring this authentic tradition into the present day. The rest of the Aesthetic Curation Series focuses on modernizing the traditional designs of tile from different time periods.
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