Aesthetic Curation: Cottage Tile Series

by | Jul 14, 2020

Charming and cozy, our Cottage tile series is one of our most friendly, comfortable tile looks and a personal favorite. These glazes and tile patterns add a warm feel to any space.

The Cottage style was prominent in the 1920s to 1940s. It reflects a simpler time in architecture and design. With a calming, home-like presence, the design style reflects the time period. With simple accents, light colors, and basic composition, the Cottage Tile series evokes an easy feel that transitions seamlessly into the current day.

Most of the tile in this collection is a flemish bond pattern. The tile historically alternates between thee inch by six inch field tile and three inch field squares. This unique pattern creates an organic, simple look that matches our cottage glazes easily. The alternating sizes of tile in this pattern read sweetly in small spaces and add a charming effect to the popular Farmhouse Chic country aesthetic.

The glaze palette for this Cottage tile is a charming, eloquent nod to the past. With a stained, satin, crackle glaze finish, it feels vintage without feeling dated. The stained cracks within the glaze add character to the simple tile pattern. The pastel palette creates a calm atmosphere that pairs well with floral accents that are both beautiful and historically significant to the period.

One of the most beautiful examples of restoration with our Cottage tile series can be found in the Battery Maritime Building in lower Manhattan. The first phase of restoring this historical building was taken on by the Cipriani company. They have created a “great hall” which acts as an event space. In this common area, and four public restrooms, you can find the gorgeous Cottage tile collection utilized in an offset pattern with six inch squares. The glaze is the Victorian White with the stained crackle that truly preserves the character and charm unique to the original structure.

For a quintessentially charming elegance that pairs perfectly with your cottage-style space, look no further. Our Cottage series is a sweet treat left over from simpler times that pairs comfortably with modern fixtures and spaces. For more ideas on how to update design styles of the past, look into our entire Aesthetic Curation Series.

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