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It's All About Textured Tile

It's All About Textured Tile

Tile texture is often overlooked when planning the redesign of a space, but it is just as important as color, shape, and pattern. In addition to adding a visual element to your installation, texture can also play a practical function. The Japanese Tile collection has a range of textured tile, from concave hex tile to earthy textures like sand and stone. To help you decide what textured tile is best for your space, we’ve put together these tips.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing the texture for your tile is where the tile is going to be installed. Smooth glossy tile is great for walls that need a lot of cleaning because there is nowhere for dirt and water to collect, but we wouldn’t advise putting it on floors because it can be slippery. Tile that has a wavy texture or is domed or concave is perfect for a feature wall or backsplash, but wouldn’t be appropriate for floors either. If you do want floor tile, look for an option that has an unglazed surface because it prevents slipping. Roughly-textured tile is also great for floors and can have a great impact on a wall.

Setto 2: The Concave Hex in Gloss Blue (left) was inspired by patterns and colors in nature.

Enhance Your Design.

The texture you choose for your tile should work with the color and pattern to create the design you are looking for. Consider what atmosphere you want in your space and use that as inspiration for your texture choice. If you want a zen-like ambience, try using naturally textured tile in neutral colors. If you’re looking for something with an industrial vibe, find a tile with an uneven texture and metallic finish. Want something more modern? Try using a traditional shape with an unexpected texture (our favorite is our concave hex in Setto 2!)

Setto 5: Weave Pattern relief tile in Gloss Cacao (right) is a beautiful option for an industrial space.

Your Space.

Think about your space and how it will be decorated. If the furnishings are going to be more modern, or have a lot of metal trim or leather, then you’ll want a texture to complement that (our choice is tile from our Setto 2 or Setto 5 series). If you have a more vintage style then try to use fabric textures like those in our Setto 6. You'll also want to consider where your tile will be installed. Bold textures may be more appropriate for smaller areas, while subtle textures can cover the walls throughout an entire room.

Setto 6: Our Fabric Texture field tile in Bone (left) brings a calming and natural texture to your space.

Find Your Inspiration.

How do you find the right texture inspiration for you design? Plants, stones and other natural materials are a great place to start, and so are man-made materials like fabric and brickwork. The textures you enjoy in other environments are a great choice for your own space, so take a walk and discover what textures you are naturally drawn to.

Setto 6: Our Fabric Texture field tile in Verde (right) subtly brings plant patterns to your space.

The Japanese Tile collection offers a diverse selection of both glazed and unglazed textured tile, all of which embrace the Japanese aesthetic of tradition, harmony and serenity. They will enhance a colorful surface, or make a neutral background rich and interesting. Our Japanese Tiles are perfect as a wall tile you want to run your hands across, or textured floor tiles that make every step beautiful. Contact us today to learn more about our tile and how we can help you plan your project!

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