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Reproducing Ernest Hemingway's Floor Tiles

Reproducing Ernest Hemingway's Floor Tiles

At Heritage Tile, our passion for tile extends beyond aesthetics and function. We care about the craft and preserving historic tile designs. That's why we jumped at the chance to replicate the French Art Deco tiles from Ernest Hemingway's Key West home and used traditional casting methods and authentic reproduction techniques to do it.

The inspiration behind this project began when we saw a photo of the historic tiles in Ernest Hemingway's Florida bathroom. We couldn't resist recreating such beautiful historic tile, especially since Hemingway's boyhood home is just a stone's throw away from our Oak Park office.

Final tile reproductions created by Heritage Tile.

The original tiles were imported by Hemingway's second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer, when she renovated their Florida house where they lived for many years. The tiles served as durable flooring while also providing a work of art in the room.

Line drawings of the tiles.
Ernest Hemingway's original floor tiles.

Our goal was to stay true to the original tilework. We started by creating line drawings of the three tile designs in the photo, which our expert craftsman then made into a wire frame mold using the traditional techniques. The tiles were then made using a pigmented cement mixture ensuring the through-body color of the original tile.

We're so pleased with the results and the opportunity to preserve such a unique tile design. As part of the The Hemingway Society's biennial international conference, which was held Oak Park in July 2016, we framed one of these tiles and donated it to their silent auction. The winner was thrilled to hang it in her home!

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For more information on how we can create authentic tile replicas for your space, please call us at 1 (888) 387-3280 or email us.