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From Furniture Factory to Paris Apartment

From Furniture Factory to Paris Apartment

A Parisian client recently used our Subway Ceramics and Subway Mosaics collections to bring a bit of the American Bungalow style to the City of Light!

The building was once a furniture factory in an area of Paris that was a center of craft work. Seven years ago, it was converted into a five-story apartment building. This duplex still has the original tall windows from the days when they were necessary to bring natural light into the production space.

According to our client, the previous owner’s style could be described as industrial with many recycled items and rough finishes. While she also appreciates this look, her aesthetic is more oriented towards the fine craftsmanship of the Arts and Crafts and clean lines of Mid-century Modern. In order to make the apartment more in line with her taste, she decided to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms.

For the floors, she sought a classic hexagonal tile. She searched for the product in France, but was unable to find the materials needed to create the desired Bungalow-style bathroom. It was then that she expanded her online search and found Subway Mosaics. In her master bathroom, she installed a 1" hex field with 1" square Doric Key border in arctic and charcoal.

The client also chose our complementary Subway Ceramics wall tile because we "have specific items for every stop and curve." She used our specialty trim pieces extensively. Radius trim and bullnose pieces create a niche that maintains a continuous surface with the rest of the wall tile. In the guest bathroom, P-cap pieces create a trim that extends from the shelf all the way around the small room.

industrial kitchen design
historic bathroom
bullnose tile trim
historic bathroom floor tiling

Radius trim and quarter cove pieces were also used to beautifully frame the large factory windows that give this home so much character.

curved corner tile

This client did a wonderful job using Subway Ceramics and Subway Mosaics pieces to their full potential. Despite the physical distance, the project was a collaborative process between the client and our design staff. It was a pleasure to work closely with her and her contractor, both of whom did a fantastic job designing with and installing turn-of-the-century American tilework!