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Heritage Tile Wins Philander Barclay Award

Heritage Tile Wins Philander Barclay Award

We are pleased to announce that Heritage Tile has won this year's Philander Barclay Award. Each year the award is presented by the Historical Society of Oak Park & River Forest to the person or business that shows a great passion for local history. We couldn't be more proud of this recognition.

The award is named after Philander Barclay (1878-1940), Oak Park's original historian. Mr. Barclay was a bicycle repairman by trade, but his passion for local history led him to collect old photographs, befriend older residents and gather historical documents. He also dedicated his time to taking hundreds of photographs around the community to document everyday life. His photograph and document archives are a key part of the Historical Society's current holdings.

The award was presented to us because of our continuing commitment in promoting the history of Oak Park and River Forest, and our efforts to further develop the community as a center of cultural and historic importance. Over the years we have assisted in the restoration of local historic landmarks, including the Oak Park & River Forest Firehouse and Pleasant Home. We've also developed partnerships that allow us to share our knowledge about the tile work and architecture that has existed in the area over the years. Looking ahead, we are working with the Historical Society on a traveling exhibit about the history of American tile work.

Heritage Tile's name will be added to a plaque that hangs in the Historical Society's office. We love the fact that this award will become part the historical archives of the village.

Everything we do at Heritage Tile is steeped in our desire to preserve and promote historic and traditional tile work. Even the fact that we are based in Oak Park, Illinois is because the village has such a rich architectural history. We are honored to join the ranks of previous award winners and will continue to support the Historical Society's efforts in any way we can.