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More Than Just A Surface: Marble Mosaic Tile at Intersect By Lexus

In 2018 Lexus chose to use Heritage Tile's marble mosaic tiles for the floors of the newest Intersect by Lexus location in New York. They selected a range of the tiles in a monochrome palette to use for a variety of purposes. The New York establishment is the third Intersect by Lexus location that Heritage Tile has provided tile for. Our tile works with the many elements of Wonderwall designer Masamichi Katayama’s design to create a sense of omotenashi, the Japanese cultural practice of entertaining guests wholeheartedly.

Lexus used our tile to create a unique textural experience throughout the three floors of the building. Our sleek black and white hex marble mosaic tiles cover the floor of the first floor café area, entryway, and the stairs. Square mosaic tiles are used in a library upstairs, arranged in an elegant angled grid pattern reminiscent of the Lexus logo. The tiles also extend onto the bathroom floors.

Each order for custom tile designs is arranged by hand at Heritage Tile’s corporate headquarters. As a result, our marble mosaic tiles have a wide range of applications and can be customized to match any aesthetic. Lexus has taken full advantage of this at Intersect by Lexus. Located in the Meatpacking District surrounded by some of the most innovative arts, culture, food, and drink locations in the city, and just a short distance away from the Chelsea Market, we can think of no better home for our marble mosaic tiles than in Intersect by Lexus in one of the most innovative areas of New York City.

Stay tuned for a later post detailing our work in the bathrooms of Intersect by Lexus.