Aesthetic Curation: Atomic Series

Aesthetic Curation: Atomic Series

To add a youthful exuberance to any space, explore the Atomic Subway Tile Collection. This high energy relief tile and color palette transforms the original subway tile into a mid-century modern masterpiece.

The Atomic Subway Tile Collection extends our timeline to the mid-century modern period in American architectural design. The collection pays homage to the exuberance of notable American designers with a color palette inspired by the bright hues of 1950’s Fiestaware and the softer shades of Formica Boomerang countertops. 

With exuberant colors like Satin Mango and the classic Satin Atomic red, this collection easily brightens up a space with one accent wall. This youthful color palette is finished by a  low-luster satin gloss that delivers a surface with character and energy. 

Spanning approximately 1940 to 1970, the mid-century modern movement was a forward-looking style advocating simple patterns, clean lines, and the usage of readily available materials. Interior design elements were often simple in form with bold colors and patterns inspired by the space age era. In the same manner that subway tile has endured the test of time in NYC’s subway stations, the Hex Flat and Hex Dome tiles found in San Francisco’s BART stations continue to prevail.

The Atomic collection is installed in the authentic straight set pattern using four inch square tiles. Delivering on the historically authentic mid-century modern time period while still updating the sheen and look of these tiles creates a timeless design style. The relief shapes in this tile are made in sphere, diamond, and star reproductions of the traditional pomona tile. Modeled off the mid-century designs of Saul Bass, these tiles are both authentic to the mid-century modern design and updated to create timeless spaces in the modern era. 

This exuberant color palette paired with the interesting relief style of the mid-century era creates a bright authentic look in any space. To read about our other Subway Ceramics collections visit the rest of our Aesthetic Curation series. 

The Chelsea Market: A Look Into the Past

The Chelsea Market: A Look Into the Past

Restoring historic spaces to fit modern uses makes for both an exciting project and a great responsibility. When we took on the project of restoring and updating New York’s Chelsea Market, we made sure to use authentic materials and timeless designs.
The Chelsea Market was originally home to an Oreo cookie factory, built in the 1890’s. Now, it’s one of the most visited and talked about destinations in New York City. With six million annual visitors, this landmark has implemented additions to make it more visitor friendly. “The Cellar” addition officially opened in 2019 as a food-focused floor. While the restoration of this building fluctuated and thrived as a tourism hot spot, the restrooms remained inadequate for large crowds. In the past long queues for individual restrooms were common, but now, long bathroom lines have become a thing of the past.
Our Subway Ceramics collection was used to restore original Victorian character to this landmark. With a strong focus on authentic materials, you’ll see great attention to details of the past. Keep your eyes open for overlapping radius corners and cove trims; pencil-thin grout lines, a perfectly flat field tile, and a simulated “patina” glaze effect produced by introducing a slight variation in tone between tiles.

By maintaining focus on the historically significant details in this restoration project, we created a space that feels authentic to the original character of this landmark. In tandem, the new restroom facilities are updated to accommodate the millions of visitors. With an attention to detail, timeless design, and updated facilities, this project pairs traditional with modern to create an authentic and updated space. The historic beauty doesn’t stop here. Check out other commercial subway tile projects we have been a part of!

Aesthetic Curation: Subway Series

Aesthetic Curation: Subway Series

Subway tile is the classic older sibling to all of our other Subway Ceramics lines. The authentic subway tile is timeless, beautiful, and most importantly buildable. These old standards are the perfect authentic material to act as the base for a redesign of any space.
The traditional pattern for subway tile is an offset grid of three by six inch pieces. This pattern got its start in the New York City Subway in the early 1900’s. Heritage Tile is the sole supplier for restoring the original tile in the NYC Subway. With a flat surface, rectified edges, and pencil thin grout joints, this attractive tile was quickly adopted for use in homes and businesses. Brownstones, Queen Anne style homes, and Bungalows were just a few of the architectural styles that embraced this aesthetic in the early 20th century.
This collection includes classic moldings, trim pieces, and ceramic accessories in over 40 glaze options. Each piece was created as part of a comprehensive tile system that provides luxurious surfaces, sleek radius curves, pencil-thin grout lines and intricate details.
This authentic tile has edged its way into modern decor with its sleek finish and large role in the “farmhouse chic” trend. While our inspiration comes from a desire to preserve the heritage of authentic American tile, this material translates well into the decor styles of today and still manages to remain timeless.
Our subway tile glazes reproduce classic Victorian-era colors in a deep, translucent, crackle finish. Simple finishes like Satin Ivory and Gloss Avalon enhance the sleek style of the traditional Subway Tile Series. The glaze colors for this series were specially selected to enhance the design and reflect the timelessness of these gorgeous tiles. For a simple and truly classic look, the Subway Series is the perfect material for you.
For a truly timeless look, the Subway Tile Series is your go-to for a large room of tile or small accents for a backsplash. You really can’t go wrong with a classic look that transitions seamlessly into modern design! To order your subway tile samples click here. The rest of the Aesthetic Curation Series focuses on modernizing the traditional designs of tile from different time periods.
The BMB: A Historic Gateway

The BMB: A Historic Gateway

Every once in a while, we get a rare glimpse into the past. Our most recent opportunity presented itself through the Battery Maritime Building in Brooklyn. This building stands at the foot of South Street on the East River and was originally designed as a ferry port to Brooklyn when it was built in 1909. Since 1956 it’s served as a gateway to Governors Island. This Beaux-Arts building with its distinctive Guastavino vaulted ceiling and structural steel cross beams, has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1976.

Heritage Tile recently teamed up with the Cipriani company to help restore this gem to its former glory. While renovations to complete the update of this entire building are extensive, the first phase of the project was completed in 2019. The first phase introduced a massive event space labeled as the “Great Hall” which seats up to 800 people. Phase two of the renovation will include a hotel and rooftop restaurant.

This historic landmark called for authentic material to bring the timelessness of this space to life once again. With that in mind, all 4 public restrooms and selected common areas were designed with our Subway Ceramics collection. All of these spaces were revived by Victorian White glazed tile which features a tinted crackle and gloss finish. This vintage finish imparts an aged yet timeless aesthetic, and pairs perfectly with the wood tones and bronze fixtures found within the rooms of the Battery Maritime Building. You can experience our Victorian White glaze by ordering a complimentary sample today. The white crackle glazed tile was laid in an offset pattern with historically accurate six-inch square tiles to restore the period authenticity of this grand and elegant structur

It’s no secret that the Battery Maritime Building has incredible historic significance as the gateway to Lower Manhattan. Honoring this landmark called for authentic Subway Ceramics and a Victorian White glaze. Stay updated on the upcoming phases of this project and read more blogs here

Updating the Classic Aesthetic

Updating the Classic Aesthetic

It’s everywhere. From bathrooms to restaurants, bars to foyers, subway tile is a staple of design. The traditional three inch by six inch tiles lend a classic look to many spaces, but that’s not where the subway line ends. We’ve taken a long-standing classic for a ride into the modern day with larger format subway tiles.

The option to update your standard subway look with six inch by nine inch tiles allows you to create timeless, authentic spaces that also step into modernity. This proportionately larger tile creates similar effects to the original  subway look in a more airy way. There are less grout lines due to the larger tiles and more tile surface so you can update your bathroom in a way that preserves the classical feel of your home.

The option to update your standard subway look with six inch by nine inch tiles allows you to create timeless, authentic spaces that also step into modernity.

This proportionately larger tile creates similar effects to the original  subway look in a more airy way.

There are less grout lines due to the larger tiles and more tile surface so you can update your bathroom in a way that preserves the classical feel of your home.

For an even more drastic modernization of the traditional subway look, opt for a three inch by twelve inch tile. This is one of the largest subway tiles available and it creates a look unlike anything you’ve seen before.

These large scale tiles incorporate a classic elegance into spaces that previously felt dated. Keeping the width of these tiles the same as the original three-inch by six-inch subway tiles is a nod to the past and a step toward the future.

Both of these updated sizes of Subway Ceramics are just a portion of a complete solution to subway tile. Our entire collection uses large radius trims and creates a holistic look that, when complete, is refreshingly new. 

Our deviation from conventional tile collections allows our final products to be fresh, sleek, and effortless. Modernizing the field tile was just the first step- how we turn corners and provide sensible design options from beginning to end is what completes the collection.

We are all about preserving and honoring the origins of tile, the timelessness of the craft, and the intricacy of the final product. That’s why we continue to offer updated, modernized versions of the Subway Ceramics aesthetic that made us fall in love with tile in the first place. Join us for a deeper dive into the Aesthetic Curations Series where we discuss the updates to tile styles from years past and how to enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Aesthetic Curation: Streamline Moderne Series

Aesthetic Curation: Streamline Moderne Series

Streamline Moderne tile is characterized by pastel tile that feels quaint and comfortable in period homes. With light fields and darker horizontal trim, the Moderne collection is both striking and easy to work with in large spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas.

This series was inspired by the Streamline Moderne design era of the 1930s-’40s. After the stock market crash of 1929, the styles trended toward simple, industrial, and functional. The most common field tile at the time was pastel square tile with dark trim pieces, often at the cap and base. As Streamline Moderne evolved, more color was added to bathrooms, eventually evolving into the pink bathroom trend in later decades.

The glaze palette in the Moderne collection is made up of colorful pastels like Gloss Julep and Primrose. These glazes sport a high gloss finish that reflects the Art Deco influence from that era. The dark horizontal trims showcase the light colors as well. In deep hues like black, grey, or navy, the trims are usually made with more slender tile to enhance the fields of light pastel glazes.

Field tiles in the Streamline Moderne series were traditionally put together in a straight set pattern with four inch square tiles. The horizontal trim mouldings differ based on the design of the space. With high contrast between the colors and set up of the field tile and trim, this collection evokes a functional sweet style reminiscent of simpler times.

The Streamline Moderne series carries into modern decor seamlessly due to its high gloss finish and wide array of color options. While it updates period homes with authentic material, it also fits well into current design because of the tile’s classic feel paired with the palette’s youthful mix of colors. Find more ways to use timeless tile collections to create your very own aesthetic curation.