Aesthetic Curation: Cottage Tile Series

Aesthetic Curation: Cottage Tile Series

Charming and cozy, our Cottage tile series is one of our most friendly, comfortable tile looks and a personal favorite. These glazes and tile patterns add a warm feel to any space.

The Cottage style was prominent in the 1920s to 1940s. It reflects a simpler time in architecture and design. With a calming, home-like presence, the design style reflects the time period. With simple accents, light colors, and basic composition, the Cottage Tile series evokes an easy feel that transitions seamlessly into the current day.

Most of the tile in this collection is a flemish bond pattern. The tile historically alternates between thee inch by six inch field tile and three inch field squares. This unique pattern creates an organic, simple look that matches our cottage glazes easily. The alternating sizes of tile in this pattern read sweetly in small spaces and add a charming effect to the popular Farmhouse Chic country aesthetic.

The glaze palette for this Cottage tile is a charming, eloquent nod to the past. With a stained, satin, crackle glaze finish, it feels vintage without feeling dated. The stained cracks within the glaze add character to the simple tile pattern. The pastel palette creates a calm atmosphere that pairs well with floral accents that are both beautiful and historically significant to the period.

One of the most beautiful examples of restoration with our Cottage tile series can be found in the Battery Maritime Building in lower Manhattan. The first phase of restoring this historical building was taken on by the Cipriani company. They have created a “great hall” which acts as an event space. In this common area, and four public restrooms, you can find the gorgeous Cottage tile collection utilized in an offset pattern with six inch squares. The glaze is the Victorian White with the stained crackle that truly preserves the character and charm unique to the original structure.

For a quintessentially charming elegance that pairs perfectly with your cottage-style space, look no further. Our Cottage series is a sweet treat left over from simpler times that pairs comfortably with modern fixtures and spaces. For more ideas on how to update design styles of the past, look into our entire Aesthetic Curation Series.

Aesthetic Curation: Art Nouveau Series

Aesthetic Curation: Art Nouveau Series

The Art Nouveau series is not for the faint of heart. These bold tiles are created from the color palette and glossy finish historically used in the Paris Metro stations. This intense and exciting series is perfect for those looking for a daring and classic addition to their homes.

Producing a vintage Parisian style from the Art Nouveau period is made easy with this series. The traditional tile pattern is composed of three-inch by six-inch beveled edge field tiles. An offset pattern paired with the vivid glazes of this series creates strikingly beautiful looks.

Glazes with this kind of sheen in courageous colors strike new life within a traditional style. The Art Nouveau palette carries well into a more modern design style by capitalizing on the elegance of high gloss glazes. These eye-catching glazes feel regal and intentional in modern spaces while keeping the historically significant Parisian style alive in Art Nouveau homes.

A classic example of beveled, gloss white Art Nouveau tile is at the Regatta Inn hotel in Brisbane, Australia. This clean example of the Art Nouveau collection utilizes the beveled edges around the hotel bar. In this simple, gloss color the bevel feels youthful and striking while remaining authentically understated.

Our Art Nouveau series takes bold to a whole new level. While the glazes come in more muted colors like Gloss White and Leather, the high gloss finish adds drama and class to both bright and muted colors.

Embracing the boldness of the Art Nouveau styles and colors ensures that the time period lives on through design and encapsulates the infinite elegance of Parisian style. Looking for a different time period style? Check out the rest of our Aesthetic Curation Series to modernize traditional designs.

Choosing the Right White

Choosing the Right White

Finding the right white for your tile can be difficult. It’s much like painting your walls cloud white versus simply white. To some this may seem like the same color, but the truth is that our white glazes produce a variety of different effects on the aesthetic of a space of different time periods.

Gloss White [#10] Our standard, neutral white  is straight forward, produces a beautiful sheen, and always delivers a clean and clarified look that plays well in the company of fixtures from Kohler, Toto, and many other popular brands. 

Avalon White [#14] This restoration white glaze evokes a more vintage feel, recreating American tilework of our pre-war past. Subway Ceramics’ Avalon White is the only approved tile glaze for landmark New York City Subway restoration projects. Looking for an authentic subway tile to portray the original aesthetic of your period home? Look no further.

Gloss Bone [#11] Create a mellow, intimate space with this classic warm white. Gloss Bone makes a great companion for wood finishes, stone surfaces and metal fixtures in brass or nickel.

Crackle White [#21] Watch light dance off of your gorgeous tile with this clear, translucent glaze with crazing features that reflect and refract light to create a dramatic effect. This glaze not only adds a light, bright, airy feeling to any space- it actually creates the illusion of more light in your home. The Crackle White especially shines as a backsplash with the help of down lighting from your cabinets.

Satin White [#15] This finish offers a soft satin effect steeped in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Satin White tones it down with a pure white satin surface. This soft glaze offers an easy, comfortable feel to your tiles and allows you to create an effortless, simple, and classic aesthetic that reads less formal than its glossy counterparts.

Bianco [#12] This cool white has blue undertones that lends itself well to pairings with marble. Specifically made to pair with carrara marble, Bianco is our coolest white glaze. This slick, modern, white glaze provides a clean aesthetic and speaks to the importance of matching the undertones of your tile and what you wish to pair it with. For a perfect pairing with any cool marble looks, reach for Bianco.

Victorian White [C0] Our Victorian White is another fabulous off-white option. This glaze is an opaque, white gloss with crackle glaze that we have stained to appear “vintage”. The stained crazing lines in this look give it an antique and regal feel that will transform your place into a palace.

Cottage White [C1] This quintessentially cottage-esque color is similar to our Victorian White in the sense that it has a crackle finish that has been stained for an antique feel. This slightly off-white look offers a worn in aesthetic to any space that feels charming and rustic.

With some background knowledge of where our white glaze options stem from historically and how their color impacts the aesthetic of your space, finding the right white doesn’t have to be complicated.

Want to see all of these white glazes in person?! Grab out our full set of white samples here