Aesthetic Curation: Streamline Moderne Series

Aesthetic Curation: Streamline Moderne Series

Streamline Moderne tile is characterized by pastel tile that feels quaint and comfortable in period homes. With light fields and darker horizontal trim, the Moderne collection is both striking and easy to work with in large spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas.

This series was inspired by the Streamline Moderne design era of the 1930s-’40s. After the stock market crash of 1929, the styles trended toward simple, industrial, and functional. The most common field tile at the time was pastel square tile with dark trim pieces, often at the cap and base. As Streamline Moderne evolved, more color was added to bathrooms, eventually evolving into the pink bathroom trend in later decades.

The glaze palette in the Moderne collection is made up of colorful pastels like Gloss Julep and Primrose. These glazes sport a high gloss finish that reflects the Art Deco influence from that era. The dark horizontal trims showcase the light colors as well. In deep hues like black, grey, or navy, the trims are usually made with more slender tile to enhance the fields of light pastel glazes.

Field tiles in the Streamline Moderne series were traditionally put together in a straight set pattern with four inch square tiles. The horizontal trim mouldings differ based on the design of the space. With high contrast between the colors and set up of the field tile and trim, this collection evokes a functional sweet style reminiscent of simpler times.

The Streamline Moderne series carries into modern decor seamlessly due to its high gloss finish and wide array of color options. While it updates period homes with authentic material, it also fits well into current design because of the tile’s classic feel paired with the palette’s youthful mix of colors. Find more ways to use timeless tile collections to create your very own aesthetic curation.

Aesthetic Curation: Cottage Tile Series

Aesthetic Curation: Cottage Tile Series

Charming and cozy, our Cottage tile series is one of our most friendly, comfortable tile looks and a personal favorite. These glazes and tile patterns add a warm feel to any space.

The Cottage style was prominent in the 1920s to 1940s. It reflects a simpler time in architecture and design. With a calming, home-like presence, the design style reflects the time period. With simple accents, light colors, and basic composition, the Cottage Tile series evokes an easy feel that transitions seamlessly into the current day.

Most of the tile in this collection is a flemish bond pattern. The tile historically alternates between thee inch by six inch field tile and three inch field squares. This unique pattern creates an organic, simple look that matches our cottage glazes easily. The alternating sizes of tile in this pattern read sweetly in small spaces and add a charming effect to the popular Farmhouse Chic country aesthetic.

The glaze palette for this Cottage tile is a charming, eloquent nod to the past. With a stained, satin, crackle glaze finish, it feels vintage without feeling dated. The stained cracks within the glaze add character to the simple tile pattern. The pastel palette creates a calm atmosphere that pairs well with floral accents that are both beautiful and historically significant to the period.

One of the most beautiful examples of restoration with our Cottage tile series can be found in the Battery Maritime Building in lower Manhattan. The first phase of restoring this historical building was taken on by the Cipriani company. They have created a “great hall” which acts as an event space. In this common area, and four public restrooms, you can find the gorgeous Cottage tile collection utilized in an offset pattern with six inch squares. The glaze is the Victorian White with the stained crackle that truly preserves the character and charm unique to the original structure.

For a quintessentially charming elegance that pairs perfectly with your cottage-style space, look no further. Our Cottage series is a sweet treat left over from simpler times that pairs comfortably with modern fixtures and spaces. For more ideas on how to update design styles of the past, look into our entire Aesthetic Curation Series.

Aesthetic Curation: Art Nouveau Series

Aesthetic Curation: Art Nouveau Series

The Art Nouveau series is not for the faint of heart. These bold tiles are created from the color palette and glossy finish historically used in the Paris Metro stations. This intense and exciting series is perfect for those looking for a daring and classic addition to their homes.

Producing a vintage Parisian style from the Art Nouveau period is made easy with this series. The traditional tile pattern is composed of three-inch by six-inch beveled edge field tiles. An offset pattern paired with the vivid glazes of this series creates strikingly beautiful looks.

Glazes with this kind of sheen in courageous colors strike new life within a traditional style. The Art Nouveau palette carries well into a more modern design style by capitalizing on the elegance of high gloss glazes. These eye-catching glazes feel regal and intentional in modern spaces while keeping the historically significant Parisian style alive in Art Nouveau homes.

A classic example of beveled, gloss white Art Nouveau tile is at the Regatta Inn hotel in Brisbane, Australia. This clean example of the Art Nouveau collection utilizes the beveled edges around the hotel bar. In this simple, gloss color the bevel feels youthful and striking while remaining authentically understated.

Our Art Nouveau series takes bold to a whole new level. While the glazes come in more muted colors like Gloss White and Leather, the high gloss finish adds drama and class to both bright and muted colors.

Embracing the boldness of the Art Nouveau styles and colors ensures that the time period lives on through design and encapsulates the infinite elegance of Parisian style. Looking for a different time period style? Check out the rest of our Aesthetic Curation Series to modernize traditional designs.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives AD a First Look Inside Goop’s New Retail Space

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives AD a First Look Inside Goop’s New Retail Space

It may come as a surprise to some that Goop—Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand which launched in 2008—has yet to open a permanent store. After all, the company, which started as a weekly email newsletter and later expanded into a full-blown website, has expanded to e-commerce, announced the launch of a quarterly print publication with Condé Nast, established a wellness summit, and hosted eight pop-up shops in nine years. Still, Goop devotees were ready for a store of their own.

This month, Gwyneth Paltrow and her choice designers, Roman and Williams will make that vision a reality with the opening of Goop’s first permanent store, Goop Lab, in the Los Angeles’s Brentwood Country Mart. The actress and businesswoman has worked with Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch on a number of projects, including the designs of the Goop pop-up in New York City and her own New York City apartment.

The 1,300-square-foot space selected holds special meaning for Paltrow: “It’s fitting that Goop Lab is in the Brentwood Country Mart, which has been a part of my life since I was a child,” she tells Architectural Digest. “Goop Lab’s space even occupies part of the candy store I used to walk to.” Her familiarity with the space, combined with the fact that Standefer and Alesch have designed Paltrow’s personal residences, helped build the overall aesthetic Paltrow wanted to achieve for the store: A homey feel instead of a straightforward retail experience.

“It’s almost a state of mind,” says Standefer. “We really wanted to make it about the home.”

“We had this idea that it was a home. And it was a slightly rural home versus being an urban home,” says Standefer.

The space, which was conceptualized as Goop’s own Brentwood bungalow, is complete with a living room that customers are welcome to lounge in, an apothecary for trying on products, plus a greenhouse and a porch. The fully functioning kitchen features an ivory LaCanche range, cabinets painted a dusty gray by Portola Paint, and brass hardware; it will be used for cooking demonstrations and events. “We see the store as an extension of Goop HQ: You’ll see our food editor cooking in the kitchen at events or our beauty buyers trying out the in-store beauty services,” says Paltrow.

Despite having worked with Roman and Williams on numerous occasions (Standefer called the New York City pop-up shop a “dress rehearsal” for the permanent store), Paltrow didn’t just hand over the reigns to the two creatives. “I think this is an important dialogue when you talk about the process with a client who has a very sophisticated taste level and has a vision—and Gwyneth has both,” explains Standefer. “So I think it’s us trying to help her tell the narrative of the brand, and making a permanent space for Goop. We bring ideas to the table and we share concepts and share ideas and share details that bring the fundamental principles of the brand to life.”


Together, the group sat down and conceptualized a store and a customer experience. “The idea is also to be educated while you’re shopping,” says Standefer. “It’s not like you can’t have a multitiered experience. It’s more about ethos.”

A vintage stone-tiled porch serves as an entrance, which leads to a mudroom and greenhouse, where guests can purchase items from Goop’s signature gardening shop. Huge antique orangerie windows let the natural, California light flood in.

“In retail right now, experience is everything. So we designed this beautiful vanity where people can sit at and test the potions and lotions and makeup, the skin care, and learn about them, and an employee or consultant can pull up a chair can help you and teach you so there’s engagement in how we created it,” says Standefer. Goop Lab will also offer select in-store beauty services.

But the living room is the standout space of the store, serving as an area to display the company’s evolving collection of fashion offerings. “Gwyneth and I love David Wiseman. She went to dinner at the consulate of Spain and she saw one of his pieces and we put one of those in the space to almost create this poetic botanic story,” says Standefer of the chandelier (which can be ordered in the store). “Nature is a big stylistic reference for the Goop store for us.”

Goop Lab is also the first place to sell Roman and Williams Guild NY, and is debuting two items from its new Founding Collection of furniture and lighting: a bar cart called The Bachelor and a daybed called Espalda. “She’s such an important brand ambassador to the Roman and Williams Guild, and she asked if she could put two pieces of furniture for sale. They will premiere at Goop this week.” In addition to apparel, the living room area will also stock shoes and home decor items.

“The success of our pop-up installations, a franchise that we are going to continue on an even larger scale, is proof of concept for the overwhelming customer appetite for a permanent retail presence from Goop,” says Paltrow. Standefer agrees: “This idea that retail is dead . . . it’s nowhere near it. But it’s about doing it in a way thats really soulful, and thoughtful and truthful.”

In conjunction with the opening of Goop Lab, Goop and Christian Louboutin collaborated on a limited-edition capsule collection of four exclusive women’s styles and one baby shoe. The women’s line will launch exclusively on September 15 on goop.com. Paltrow and Louboutin will also cohost Goop Lab’s intimate opening party on September 13, and Goop Lab will open this month.

Choosing the Right White

Choosing the Right White

Finding the right white for your tile can be difficult. It’s much like painting your walls cloud white versus simply white. To some this may seem like the same color, but the truth is that our white glazes produce a variety of different effects on the aesthetic of a space of different time periods.

Gloss White [#10] Our standard, neutral white  is straight forward, produces a beautiful sheen, and always delivers a clean and clarified look that plays well in the company of fixtures from Kohler, Toto, and many other popular brands. 

Avalon White [#14] This restoration white glaze evokes a more vintage feel, recreating American tilework of our pre-war past. Subway Ceramics’ Avalon White is the only approved tile glaze for landmark New York City Subway restoration projects. Looking for an authentic subway tile to portray the original aesthetic of your period home? Look no further.

Gloss Bone [#11] Create a mellow, intimate space with this classic warm white. Gloss Bone makes a great companion for wood finishes, stone surfaces and metal fixtures in brass or nickel.

Crackle White [#21] Watch light dance off of your gorgeous tile with this clear, translucent glaze with crazing features that reflect and refract light to create a dramatic effect. This glaze not only adds a light, bright, airy feeling to any space- it actually creates the illusion of more light in your home. The Crackle White especially shines as a backsplash with the help of down lighting from your cabinets.

Satin White [#15] This finish offers a soft satin effect steeped in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Satin White tones it down with a pure white satin surface. This soft glaze offers an easy, comfortable feel to your tiles and allows you to create an effortless, simple, and classic aesthetic that reads less formal than its glossy counterparts.

Bianco [#12] This cool white has blue undertones that lends itself well to pairings with marble. Specifically made to pair with carrara marble, Bianco is our coolest white glaze. This slick, modern, white glaze provides a clean aesthetic and speaks to the importance of matching the undertones of your tile and what you wish to pair it with. For a perfect pairing with any cool marble looks, reach for Bianco.

Victorian White [C0] Our Victorian White is another fabulous off-white option. This glaze is an opaque, white gloss with crackle glaze that we have stained to appear “vintage”. The stained crazing lines in this look give it an antique and regal feel that will transform your place into a palace.

Cottage White [C1] This quintessentially cottage-esque color is similar to our Victorian White in the sense that it has a crackle finish that has been stained for an antique feel. This slightly off-white look offers a worn in aesthetic to any space that feels charming and rustic.

With some background knowledge of where our white glaze options stem from historically and how their color impacts the aesthetic of your space, finding the right white doesn’t have to be complicated.

Want to see all of these white glazes in person?! Grab out our full set of white samples here