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  • Architectural Gems of Oak Park

    Although Heritage Tile works with businesses, designers, architects, and homeowners all over the world, our headquarters is proudly situated in Oak Park, Illinois. Oak Park is often described as a “living museum” because it features the world’s largest concentration of historic buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and other architects hailing from the Prairie School—a late 19th and early 20th century architectural style with Chicago roots. In celebration of Oak Park’s incredible architectural heritage, we’ve rounded up the eight must-visit historic buildings in the village. Clockwise from left: Ernest Hemingway's birthplace, Pilgrim Congregational Church, Unity Temple, and Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. Pleasant Home The jewel in the crown of Oak Park architecture is Pleasant Home. This large Prairie-style...
  • It's All About Textured Tile

    Tile texture is often overlooked when planning the redesign of a space, but it is just as important as color, shape, and pattern. In addition to adding a visual element to your installation, texture can also play a practical function. The Japanese Tile collection has a range of textured tile, from concave hex tile to earthy textures like sand and stone. To help you decide what textured tile is best for your space, we’ve put together these tips. Functionality. One of the most important things to consider when choosing the texture for your tile is where the tile is going to be installed. Smooth glossy tile is great for walls that need a lot of cleaning because there is nowhere...
  • 6 Amazing Penny Tile Designs

    Penny-round tile has been a staple of American architecture since the early 1900s. Similar to subway tile, penny-round tile is affordable and classy, and the two styles are often paired together to create that classic bathroom look. The Interiors Addict listed "nostalgia" as one of the top six tile trends for 2017 and retro, which includes subway tile and penny rounds from the 1930s, is part of this nostalgia trend. It's no surprise that the versatile penny-round tile is basking in the spotlight. Made from unglazed porcelain, penny rounds bring a timeless style to any home. Their ultra flat, durable surface works perfectly in any wet area. Ranging in size from 3/4 inch to 1 inch, these small tiles spice...

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