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Searching for that classic American style? Seeking a truly cosmopolitan aesthetic? Looking for a tile source to help you navigate through the endless choices?


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We view renovations as opportunities; opportunities to bring something back to life, restore something that was lost, or create something that is uniquely you. Using tile not only gives you ample options, it also enhances the value and preserves the vintage character of your home. Our Heritage tile experience team is here to help you create a space that is an extension of you.



Tile can only be experienced first-hand. Our complimentary sample program allows you to touch and feel the tile so you can make an informed decision when you are ready to purchase.  Order your samples today!



Challenging renovation projects require an experienced team. We’re here to assist  your designer or architect, and most importantly you!  Design Consultants are here to assist you from concept and design,  installation, and maintenance.  Let’s Go!


Consider Heritage Tile as your partner committed to the success of your project. We sincerely care about our craft, and are eager to share our experience and design resources with you. As your tile ally, we are here to assist you in bringing your individual vision to life.

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With our carefully curated tile collections, you can rest easy knowing that your project is using only the best that modern tilemakers have to offer.

Made in America, the Subway Ceramics collection is a complete and historically authentic subway tile collection. Traditional trim pieces, assorted field tile formats, and historic glazes allow you to restore the vintage character to your period home or traditional building.  Timeless design and historic authenticity define the Subway Ceramics collection.

Express yourself with the historical, durable, practical and versatile Subway Mosaics collection to create a floor design that’s both historically authentic and uniquely you.  Each design is made-to-order in our Verona, WI operations center.  Our design consultants will take your design concept and deliver your ready-to-install mosaic in a matter of weeks.Dating back to the 4th century BC in Greece, mosaics are one of the oldest forms of practical art. Today, our Subway Mosaics collection offers a modern and colorful palette for piecing together your own creative space, with easy designs made-to-order right here in the US.

Create a zen-like environment in your home with the organic textures, classic patterns and earthy blends expressed in our faithfully curated collection of architectural ceramics from Japan.  Our exclusive Zen + Clay collection is produced by experienced tilemakers that have honed the craft over generations.

Create feature walls with visual impact produced with high-relief shapes, patterns and colors.  Our Shadow Tile collection is designed to play with light and shadow to dramatic effect. The possibilities are endless.

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Our experienced staff offers personalized guidance to help you achieve your unique vision and are available to answer your questions. Let’s get started.