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Tile in Historic Preservation

Heritage Tile was born out of a need to provide tile for historic American homes and continues to be devoted to creating tile that is ideal for historic preservation.


All our tile collections are based in historic design and traditional manufacturing methods. From using specifications derived over 100 years ago to sourcing tilework from multi-generation families of tile makers, we provide authentically historic tile that allows you to preserve the original architectural style of a space.


Our commitment to the preservation of historic buildings and original interiors is now stronger than ever. Our expanded portfolio of products is perfect for both residential and commercial historic installations. 


Our tile collections come in various shapes, patterns, colors and textures, and have been inspired by historic time periods, architecture and cultures. 

All our tile is made using high quality materials, giving your space beautiful surfaces that last. 


Each of our collections has been designed with form and functionality in mind, so durability and ease of maintenance are just as important as beauty. 

Making Restoration a Reality

Our Subway Ceramics collection is based on original 1920’s specifications, while our Subway Mosaics collection uses the same high-fired porcelain material found on classic historic floors. Our Batchelder Tile collection of pavers has reproduced Ernest Batchelder’s original designs and is perfect for the restoration of American Arts & Crafts interiors. 

Our Zen + Clay collection is steeped in hundreds of years of tile-making tradition. We can also create custom tile replicas from an original space. If your tile specifications include historic authenticity, let Heritage Tile show you the way.

Our clients, who include architects, preservationists, homeowners and municipal governments, have trusted Heritage Tile’s products for over ten years. With historic preservation professionals on staff, Heritage Tile is perfectly suited to assist with any of your preservation or restoration needs.

Our clients’ experience is key, and we are here to help. We take pride in our vast portfolio of inspiring hospitality installations, and are happy to share our experiences to make your project perfect. Contact our team to start creating a tile installation that will impress and engage your guests.