About Heritage Tile

Heritage Tile offers a portfolio of historic and traditional tile collections from the USA and abroad. These tile collections are produced to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, each created using traditional manufacturing methods.


About Us

Our Collections

We work directly with tilemakers to hand-pick and deliver collections that are exclusive to Heritage Tile. Each collection is extensively researched and manufactured to authentic specifications, to provide our customers with the opportunity to bring history and culture into their space.

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Design Solutions

Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, contractor, reseller, or homeowner, our experienced team of tile professionals is here to support your requirements. Located in Oak Park, Illinois, we provide in-person, email, and phone consultations to find the solution best suited to your needs.

Design Consultation

Our dedicated team is available to help refine your vision by recommending color, shape and pattern combinations that will complement your space to maximize your results, giving you a unique and inspiring installation.

Custom Tools

Need help visualizing your project, or just want to see your vision brought to life? We offer professional computer-generated design drawings to help you get a feel for your new space. For a more hands-on experience, custom samples or strike-offs can also be provided prior to finalizing your order.

Historical Authenticity

All of our collections are manufactured to stringent specifications, ensuring that you can select a product that is authentic to your period home or unique architectural style. We’ll provide information about what makes your authentic tile selection special, and we hope in turn that you’ll take pride in sharing that story with others.

Have a question about Heritage Tile or one of our portfolio collections? Contact our customer support team today.

Our experienced staff offers personalized guidance to help you achieve your unique vision and are available to answer your questions. Let’s get started.