New York Times Features Subway Tile as a Timeless Feature

by | Jun 10, 2020

We couldn’t have been more pleased with our mention in the New York Times, “9 Top (and Stubborn) Design Trends” on May 15th, 2020.

This title is especially meaningful because, in this case, “stubbornness” is a virtue. There are features forever on the minds of designers when constructing or remodeling a home. In the article, Julie Lasky (NY Times reporter), discusses design trends that stick around due to the effortless feel they bring to a space. Inspired from being cooped up for months due to the pandemic, Lasky did a historical deep dive into the 9 top trends including the ever-present subway tile. 

In the article, she quotes Keith Bieneman, the founder and managing director of Heritage Tile. Discussing the history of subway tile and its significance in both the 20th and 21th centuries, Bieneman notes, “There was a resurgence in artisan tile making throughout the U.S.” in the 1990s, he said. “People started focusing on the kitchen and started putting in high-end appliances and looking at backsplashes as art pieces as opposed to utilitarian surfaces.” 

It’s true that although subway tiles were in homes in the 1920s, they have made a resurgence into both modern and historical homes today. This is partially because of the timeless look and aesthetic durability of the material.

The historically authentic Subway Ceramics Collection compliments the original style of any period home, this material truly forges the new with the classic. Not only elegant and sophisticated, historic subway tiles were designed for easy cleaning as well.

Subway tile has made its way into cafes  and restaurants in New York and beyond. Heritage Tile’s Subway Ceramics Collection has been featured in landmarks like the Battery Maritime Building and Chelsea Market as well. 

Subway Ceramics has also been imitated in countless institutions around the world proving, yet again, that the classic New York style is here to stay.

While the sleek look of subway tile is a classic fixture in many public spaces, it also compliments home designs as backsplash or bathroom tile, Bieneman explains, “This Jazz Age New York style, that’s something that’s admired tremendously around the world.” Reproducing this timeless look with modern materials creates durability and a classic design that will be trending just as long. 

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