Oscar Nominees for Best Production Design as Heritage Tile Glazes

by | Apr 23, 2021

As Oscars anticipation builds we are taking a moment to appreciate the nominees for Best Production Design. As a company that has had our tile featured on various sets, we are intimately aware of the role a good set plays in telling a captivating story.

 Today we will explore each of the nominees for best production design and determine which of our glaze options best matches the film’s overall aesthetic. 

 *Please keep in mind that Heritage Tile is in no way affiliated with any of these films. 


Production Designer: Peter Francis 

Set Decorator: Cathy Featherstone

The Father is a deeply emotional exploration of the complexity that comes with aging and familial relationships. 

We have chosen B1 Tea Rose and B3 Sunbeam Yellow from our Subway Ceramic’s Bungalow Series to match this film’s yellow palette. 


Production Designer: Mark Ricker

Set Decorator: Karen O’Hara & Diana Stoughton 

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom follows the “Mother of Blues” during a tension-filled recording session in 1920s Chicago. This film takes place at the end of the Arts & Crafts movement in America. This artistic movement emphasized the importance of American craftsmanship and highlighted the dangers of American industrialization. This era referenced is  in the film with its use of a rich jewel-toned color palette. 

To reflect the rich, bold colors of this film  we have chosen 71 Garnet and 53 Midnight Blue, both from our Classic Subway Tile Series. 


Production Designer: Donald Graham Burt

Set Decorator: Jan Pascale 

Mank takes us into 1930s Hollywood through the eyes of Herman J. Mankiewicz and follows his turbulent journey to finish writing the screenplay for Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. 

We have chosen 99 Gloss Black and 61 Emerald Green from our Classic Subway Ceramics Series to match the luxury and glamour this film oozes as it transports us into Hollywood’s golden age.


Production Designer: David Crank

Set Decorator: Elizabeth Keenan 

News of the World follows a Civil War veteran and the young girl he is tasked with delivering back to her family. 

We have chosen 43 Khaki from our Classic Subway Ceramics Series to represent the harsh desert climate our protagonists face and the canvas covered wagon which carries them through their dangerous voyage. 

As the film takes place primarily outside , our 33 Sky Blue from the Classic Subway Ceramics Series represents the wide open sky that follows the pair throughout their journey. 


Production Designer: Nathan Crowley

Set Decorator: Kathy Lucas 

Tenet is a mind-bending story of a man tasked with saving the entire world. 

We have chosen our Classic Subway Ceramics Series 14 Gloss Avalon and 41 Heather Grey to convey the cool mysterious concrete motifs that dominate this film.

As you admire the sets of these films through your television screen, take a moment to reflect on the set around you. Is it conveying an emotion you resonate with? Is it telling your story? 


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