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Tile For Residential Spaces

Heritage Tile was born of a love for helping homeowners revitalize their living spaces with classic and historic tile. Since our inception, we have grown that vision to include a vast variety of floor tiles and wall tiles with beautifully crafted bodies, glazes and textures.


In residential design, the use of hard surfaces is most often found in the rooms that are most frequently used- your kitchen backsplash, the tile that adorns your shower enclosure, a mosaic tile floor. Whether you are looking for classic American tile or want to explore more international styles, we have a tile collection to transform any room of your home.


Our tile collections come in various shapes, patterns, colors and textures, and have been inspired by historic time periods, architecture and cultures. 

All our tile is made using high quality materials, giving your space beautiful surfaces that last. 


Each of our collections has been designed with form and functionality in mind, so durability and ease of maintenance are just as important as beauty. 

Make Your Vision a Reality

Renovations can be daunting to homeowners, and choosing the right tile and installing it can be complicated for even the most seasoned trade professional. Count on Heritage Tile to walk you through the process and assure that no detail is overlooked. With sensitivity to budget and project timelines, we will assure that any specification is carefully handled and that materials are delivered as promised. From the smallest indoor tile project to an exterior porch, pool, or patio, consider Heritage Tile to be your partner for an exquisite design.