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Tile for Retail Spaces

Make your mark in the retail world. High design is now a priority for retail establishments to attract customers and create a “gram worthy” space. Gone are the days of utilitarian surfaces; customers expect vibrant colors, unique textures and a visual experience that draws them in and keeps them browsing. Whether you are looking for vintage-inspired tile or a sleek and modern style, Heritage Tile can help you achieve the ideal look with amazing, quality materials.


With retail spaces, you need more than just a pretty surface. Between the steady flow of customers, rearranging of fixtures, or fluctuation of store inventory, your tile has to do the work with you. The potential high volumes of foot traffic can wreak havoc on your tile floor, which means tiles will be in constant use and undergo regular cleaning. Our tile collections are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, so your tile will stand the test of time and usage while still looking wonderful for years to come.

From a high end clothing store to a patisserie shop, our historic and vintage tile enlivens many types of retail environments. The Heritage Tile collection creates a fun energy of vibrant and unique retail tile, fit for any traditional or contemporary project. 


Need your tiles to work for you? We also offer custom tile work for mosaic tiles, tile decals, and patterns, along with access to our design team. We can make your design work!


Our tile collections come in endless shapes, patterns, colors, and textures. They are inspired by historic time periods, architecture, and cultures, making them perfect for any renovation project. To top it off, we offer an assortment of glazes for whatever tile project you’re working on including bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, commercial buildings and more. 



Not only is the Heritage Tile collection beautiful; they are built to stand the test of time for years to come. All our tile is made using top quality materials, giving your space beautiful surfaces that last.



Each of our collections have been designed with form and functionality in mind. This means durability and ease of maintenance are just as important as the “wow” moment when you walk into a room.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Make a lasting first impression with your customers. With over a decade of experience working with retail clients, Heritage Tile can help guide you toward materials that are perfect for your aesthetic and use of your retail space. If you’re looking for low-maintenance tile with visual appeal, or historically accurate tile that goes along with your motif, we have several design resources available to complete your retail space dream.  

If you’re interested in a custom tile design, we happily accept specialized tile requests that can completely customize your space. We can create unique mosaic tiles, patterns, and tile decals to match your vision. Our talented team will be on hand to work through the design process with you and assure that every detail has been considered before completing the order.

Whatever route you choose, Heritage Tile will be your partner throughout the design and production process. Regardless of your tile requests, our talented staff has the expertise to assist you in selecting and ordering the tile that will help to make your retail store a striking success. We want your retail environment to reflect the heart of your business and Heritage Tile can help put the heart into its design.