About Subway Ceramics

Subway Ceramics is a complete collection of historically authentic subway field tile, trim elements, period mouldings, and ceramic accessories.  Restore the original character to your period home or tradition building.  Recreate a time and place for your cafe or movie set.  Reproduce the timeless archetypes of the New York City subway, the Paris Metro or the mid-century BART stations of San Francisco in your next commercial project.  But first learn about our uniquely American tile heritage by attending a live webinar, and appreciate what was accomplished in pre-war America through the lens of tile!

The Subway Ceramics collection is produced in So. California using the same methods and materials as the originals.  Our clients are seeking to reproduce the elegance of those vintage installations, distinguished by a perfectly flat tile surface, pencil-thin grout lines, soft radius corners and coves, and integrated accessories.   

Choose from a vast palette of glaze colors and finishes.  Our collection of whites provide designers the perfect solution, whether they are matching historical tilework, coordinating with Carrara marble surfaces, or creating a clean and contemporary space.  Color options are many, and each palette series has been grouped by architectural period style, so designers can see how preferences evolved over time and choose an appropriate glaze option to achieve the desired effect.


Our classic series reproduces the original Victorian-era colors in a deep, translucent, crackle finish. Use as a simple accent in a white field, or create a lavish surface when used as your field glaze.


This palette features a soft, satin finish and hues steeped in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Colors are inspired by nature and a departure from the more formal constraints of the Victorian era.


Subway tile, Paris style. Combine these rich glazes with faceted beveled field tile, cap and base moldings, liners and trim tiles to achieve the style of the Paris Metropolitan.


Inspired by the late art deco style, these glazes are ideal for subway tile installations in Streamline Moderne inspired interiors.


This palette features a stained satin crackle glaze finish that harmonizes perfectly with any interior in the Cottage style. Quintessentially charming!


Inspired by the bright hues of 50’s & 60’s  Fiestaware and the softer shades of Formica Boomerang countertops.  Celebrate this uniquely creative time in America, and shoot for the moon!

About Us

Uses & Applications

Subway tile is an ideal tile option for commercial and residential spaces. The classic design, easy-to-clean surfaces, and durable materials make it the perfect example of form meets function. Whether you are designing a public space or a private home, our collection has the glazes, field tile, trim pieces and accessories to achieve your vision.

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Design Solutions

We offer cohesive design solutions that meet our clients’ passion for authenticity, distinctiveness, and aesthetics. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, contractor, reseller, or homeowner, our experienced team of tile professionals, located in Oak Park, IL, are here to support your requirements.

Design Consultation

Our dedicated team is available to help refine your vision by recommending color, shape and pattern combinations that will complement your space to maximize your results, giving you a unique and inspiring installation.

Custom Tools

If your project requires a larger canvas to imagine your vision, we offer professional computer-generated design drawings as an additional visual resource. Custom samples or strike-offs can also be provided prior to finalizing your order.

Historical Authenticity

All Heritage Tile collections connect you to a time and place that is authentic to your period home or your architectural style. We can provide you with information about what makes your authentic tile selection so special. In turn, we hope you’ll take pride in sharing that story with others.

Have a question about Heritage Tile or one of our portfolio collections? Contact our customer support team today.

Our experienced staff offers personalized guidance to help you achieve your unique vision and are available to answer your questions. Let’s get started.