Our Communication

We speak with integrity.

Keep it real

Practice the use of objective statements about ourselves and our products and leave the superlatives to others

Listen to our customers

Develop knowledge of our market through actively engaging with our clients and understanding their needs

Add value

Direct our marketing priorities to solving our clients’ problems and ensuring their success


Our Products

We represent authentic materials.

Offer timeless alternatives

Take a long view in offering market solutions that impart excellence and age well

Know the source

Understand every step in our product supply chain so we are making healthy, fair, and sustainable choices with all of the products we represent

Share our experience 

Make meaningful connections between people and traditions

Open a window into this fascinating world of tile where we can learn from, collaborate with and gain inspiration from one another


Our Process

We engage faithfully


Build community

Create a space for like-minded enthusiasts to inform, collaborate and support one another with their common interests in tile and craft

Lead with education

Develop informational resources, such as webinars, white papers and videos, to advance the understanding of the tile craft from technical, cultural and historical perspectives

Advocate for preservation

Champion the cause of architectural conservation and restoration and contribute our knowledge of historical tilework to the voices of others in this movement

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