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Welcome to Heritage Tile


that embrace a wide range of tile traditions produced to the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship.


that deliver a cohesive solution to meet your objectives for beauty, authenticity, and distinction.


that restore the timeless, aesthetic of classic tilework befitting the architectural period style of your home.


that is staffed by a team of tile design professionals in Oak Park, IL.

Studio/showroom - Heritage Tile of Oak Park
146 N. Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60301

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the Subway Ceramics collectionsPreserving our tile heritage with a unique portfolio of historic, traditional and authentic tile collections

  • Subway Ceramics produces a complete collection of historically authentic subway tile, trim components, classic moldings, floor mosaics and ceramic accessories to maintain the pre‐war home in its original character.
  • Commonly known as “subway tile”, we offer the original, classically distinctive tilework used in virtually all period homes and commercial construction.
  • Subway Ceramics tile installations result in pencil-thin grout lines and a flat tile surface, the distinguishing characteristics of period tilework. Add reproduction mouldings, radius trim elements and a tiled-in ceramic towel bar to recreate the refined simplicity and elegant functionality for your period bathroom or kitchen.
  • Subway Ceramics is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Visit for more information.

  • The unique character of the period home was often displayed in the form of decorative floor mosaics. Foyers, kitchens and bathroom floors were often the canvas for creative craftsman working with porcelain mosaic tiles in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. These mosaics are the personality of the period home, and a personal expression of the homeowner.
  • Subway Mosaics has reintroduced this lost art, stocking a wide assortment of classic mosaic borders and fields, and offering a made-to-order service for reproducing the creative designs of the 1920's and 30's tile catalogs. In addition to these historic mosaic options, we offer elegant marble mosaics and glazed porcelain fields for the most complete and comprehensive collection of traditional floor mosaic tile found anywhere.
  • The perfect complement to the historically authentic Subway Ceramics collection of field tile, trims, mouldings and ceramic accessories.
  • Subway Mosaics is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Visit for more information.

  • The Carreaux du Metro collection reproduces subway tile in the inimitable style of the Paris Metro as an extension of our Subway Ceramics collection of historically-authentic heritage tilework.  So what characteristics make the tile of the Paris Metro unique? Consider these special qualities that we have introduced in our Metropolitain Tile collection and be transported back to the right bank.
  • The most distinguishing feature of the Paris Metro system, the bevel field tiles impart a unique sense of grandeur to each station. 
  • The Metro moldings group of cap, liner and base components reflect the same bevel edge features that combine with the bevel field to evoke a style that is sleek and sophisticated.
  • In addition to the classic metro bevel tile, the Carreaux du Metro collection offers a variety of other sizes and shapes all faithfully reproduced with historic authenticity from the Subway Ceramics collection. 
  • Our tribute to the Paris Metro includes a collection of Art Nouveau-inspired decorative accents, borders and Garamond character tiles are available in a complete alphabet set to express your message in the same bold and enduring way that can be found in the Concorde station.
  • Carreaux du Metro is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Contact us for more information.


  • The Bungalow Tile collection from Heritage Tile targets the Arts & Crafts movement that became a major design influence extending well beyond the Victorian period in American architectural interior design.
  • Featured in this collection are timeless designs from Dard Hunter, one of this movement's most prolific and creative thought leaders.  A satin-matte glaze palette draws from the Art Deco influences that rebelled against the staid, sanitary white standards that preceded it.
  • Restore the original character in the tilework of your craftsman bungalow.  Coordinate with authentic, organic colors that defined this period, reflecting nature and natural materials.  Surround yourself with classic tile elements such as decorative borders and accents drawn from historic design motifs that resonate with this distinctive period style.
  • Choose the Bungalow Tile collection to reproduce the inherent warmth, comfort and serenity that characterizes the classic American bungalow style.  Connect your tile design to the time and place where these historic designs first appeared in the landmark structures we cherish and preserve today.  Select a tile that will speak the language of the inimitable craftmanship and reflect the enduring aesthetics of this distinctive period in our uniquely American Arts & Crafts heritage.
  • Bungalow Tile is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Contact us for more information.

  • The Cottage Tile collection from Heritage Tile celebrates the informal, organic, and often whimsical and idiosyncratic home defined by the Cottage, Tudor, and other eclectic architectural styles.
  • Featured in this collection are exquisite Trompe L'oeil decorative designs that will be presented as an ongoing series that draw from classic themes such as spices & herbs, garden vegetables, grape vines, and honey bees.
  • Cottage Tile is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Visit for more information.


Heritage Tile collections Tile for the Times featuring Authentic traditions in tilework from America and the world

  • The Craftsman Tile collection from Heritage Tile offers authentic tile for floor surfaces in the uniquely American Arts & Crafts tradition.
  • The Craftsman Tile collection was inspired by the Batchelder-Wilson Tile Company, who produced a vast and comprehensive catalog of tilework in Pasadena and Los Angeles, California in the period between 1909 and the depression of the early 1930's.
  • The Craftsman Tile paver series features a robust, high-fired and unglazed tile in a rustic three-color palette that blend naturally with the Batchelder style.
  • The paver field series is an ideal choice for entryways, sun rooms, fireplace hearths, or any space suitable for a hard, informal and organic surface.
  • Craftsman Tile is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Contact us for more information.


  • Designed in the spirit of the Streamline Moderne movement in American design, our Moderne Tile Collection sets the standard for traditional tilework with a classic form that is versatile, affordable and robust.
  • Evocative of a time and place in America when quality and craftsmanship mattered.  Designed as a complete system of field, trim, mouldings and accessory elements, the Moderne Tile collection offers a distinctive style and a superior value.
  • With the Moderne Tile Collection, traditional tilework is brought back to the basics with a tile form that is uncomplicated and streamlined for an effortless tile installation and exceptional results.
  • Moderne Tile is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Visit for more information.


  • The Atomic Tile collection from Heritage Tile extends our timeline to the mid-century period in American architectural interior design. 
  • Featured in this collection are the Iconic tile designs by notable American designers, with a color palette that recalls images of vibrant Fiestaware or classic Formica boomerang countertops.  A low-luster satin finish delivers a surface with character and energy to your space.
  • Transform your kitchen or bathroom into a period-authentic space retrofitted for the atomic age.  Embrace the inherent nature of your mid-century American home.  Let your tile design choices speak the vernacular of this unique period when American ideals were formed by rocket science and and the lofty goal to shoot for the moon!
  • Choose the Atomic Tile collection if you admire this remarkable period from our past and its sense optimism and confidence in our future.  Honor the daring and individualism reflected in the work given to us by these iconic designers.  Select a tile for your project that will have a half-life greater than a year or two.
  • Atomic Tile is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Contact us for more information.


  • Mosaico Tile represents the European heritage of cement encaustic tiles that are often called Barcelona tiles, Cuban tiles or Mosaicos Hidraulicos.
  • Produced in Morroco using traditional methods, patterns and colors, Mosaico Tile offers a vibrant, durable, and timeless flooring option for period homes, distinctive restaurants or commercial spaces.
  • Our convenient, on-line tile design simulator can be used to create your unique pattern for fields and border designs and prepare your tile order.
  • Mosaico Tile is a non-fired, unglazed tile, made of marble dust, portland cement, and natural earth pigments, hydraulically pressed using a mold to separate the colorful patterns, and then cured to produce a smooth, durable and classic flooring surface suitable for virtually any application or aesthetic style.
  • Mosaico Tile is a Heritage Tile exclusive, the tile for the times. Contact us for more information.


Heritage Tile

Heritage Tile is composed of a team of design professionals dedicated to a shared mission: to preserve our tile heritage with a vast portfolio of reproduction tilework that meets our standard for quality and authenticity.  We carefully study the original tile catalogs and vintage tile installations, faithfully reproduce American heritage tilework in our own exclusive collections or source tile from other cultural traditions, and bring you the authentic character and timeless aesthetic that you demand.

Our central operations and distribution center in Verona, WI comprises our product development, operations management, logistics and general administration functions, in addition to our 9,000 SF warehouse. Our commitment to providing historically authentic tile products of the highest quality and craftsmanship without compromising the rapid response and reliable delivery our clients expect.

Heritage Tile of Oak Park

Our experienced design staff based in historic Oak Park, IL will help you to identify the distinctive characteristics of American heritage tilework, provide assistance in selecting tile design options to meet your needs, and support you through the completion of the project.

  • Historic authenticity: presenting tile options that are consistent with the age and architectural style of your home;
  • Budget objectives: representing tile products that are affordable yet traditional and of much better quality than conventional, contractor-grade tile;
  • Digital Designs: preparing custom 2D & 3D renderings to assist you in visualizing the tile design options and the results you will achieve;
  • Installation support: serving as a technical resource to your tile contractor throughout the installation process.
The Heritage Tile collections setting the standard for traditional tilework
  • Heritage Tile defines the original, vintage tilework of the period homes and businesses of pre-war America
  • Heritage Tile is the timeless and uniquely American aesthetic found in the tilework that defines craftsmanship
  • Heritage Tile is the classic example of the principle of "form follows function" inherent in sanitary ceramic tilework of this period
  • Heritage Tile is the precise and sophisticated system of ceramic tile components and installation methods designed to last a lifetime
  • Heritage Tile is the standardized tile forms produced to a common specification throughout America well into the 1930's
Heritage Tile of Oak Park studio & showroom Authentic Tile for the Period Home
  • The Heritage Tile of Oak Park studio is your destination to re-discover our uniquely American tile heritage
  • Featuring timeless subway tile, classic porcelain mosaics, sculpural ceramic accessories, and decorative art tile
  • Supported by an experienced team of design professionals in Chicago's historic Oak Park neighborhood
Wright Plus Housewalk

Heritage Tile of Oak Park is proud to once again be a sponsor of the 2013 Wright Plus housewalk on Saturday, May 18, 2013.

"The 39th annual Wright Plus, is an internationally renowned architectural housewalk featuring rare interior tours of nine private homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his contemporaries, plus entry to three landmark Wright buildings. Enjoy interpretations based on in-depth research of the homes' history and architecture, including discussions of the original occupants' lifestyles. Experience the extraordinary mix of famed architectural styles lining the streets of Oak Park, and share in a fun-filled day with visitors from around the world."

For more information visit

The Tile Heritage Foundation

The Tile Heritage Foundation, founded in 1987 as a nonprofit charitable organization, is dedicated to promoting an awareness and appreciation of ceramic surfaces in the United States. The Foundation serves the need for a historical perspective regarding all ceramic surfacing materials, both past and present. In addition to aiding in the education of the public about the rich and varied history of tile, the organization has become a major voice in the preservation of existing installations of rare and unusual ceramic surfaces while enhancing the visibility of contemporary tile work as well.

The Tile Heritage research center and library, open to the public by appointment, are located in Healdsburg, California, approximately seventy miles north of San Francisco.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, a privately funded nonprofit organization, works to save America’s historic places. We are the cause that inspires Americans to save the places where history happened. The cause that connects us to our diverse pasts, weaving a multi-cultural nation together. The cause that transforms communities from places where we live into places that we love. As the leading voice for preservation, we are the cause for people saving places.

Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust's mission is to engage, educate and inspire the public through architecture, design and the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright, and to preserve the Trust's historic sites and collections.

More than one hundred years ago, Frank Lloyd Wright sparked an architectural revolution with the opening of his studio in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois.

Heritage Tile of Oak Park is proud to be a sponsor for the Join us for the 39th annual Wright Plus, an internationally renowned architectural housewalk featuring rare interior tours of nine private homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his contemporaries, plus entry to three landmark Wright buildings.


Architectural Liaison - San Francisco, LA, Boston & New York

Independent architectural representatives for a US-based specialty ceramic tile and stone distributor. Representative will schedule appointments with pre-selected trade accounts in their respective metro area, and execute a series of marketing campaigns to these accounts on a recurring basis. Emphasis is on education and technical project support. Candidates with an architectural and/or interior design background are encouraged to respond. Interest and/or experience with historic restoration, marketing, innovative design and technical solutions is a plus.

For consideration for these positions, please email resume and cover letter to

Client services & technical support

Questions or comments sent using the Contact Form will be responded to promptly. We can also be reached during business hours ( 9AM - 5:30PM CST , Monday - Friday) by phone or email.

We look forward to working with you and your tile project.

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